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RhymieStymie Plus

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***HUGE INTRODUCTORY SALE -- 80% OFF REGULAR PRICE***Welcome to RhymieStymie Plus -- the rhyming word game app.
We give you a short clue like “swine toupee” and you have to come up with a two word rhyming answer that means the same thing … like “pig wig.”
Easy peasy, right?
Can you figure out the two word rhyming answer for “criminal crustacean?" Think the Godfather meets melted butter and a seafood bib. That right! The answer is “mobster lobster.”
Does a word game have to be visually boring? No way, Jose! Hey, even word game lovers deserve some visual bling. And we’ve got your bling right here, baby! The more puzzles you solve, the more cool firework displays you unlock—from soaring sunflower fireworks to frisky fish, from erupting volcano fireworks to exploding super novas.
RhymieStymie Plus includes 12 puzzle packs for one low package price! That's 1195 different rhyming puzzles! Plus you will receive all future puzzles packs for free.
So if word games FLOAT your BOAT, don't be TARDY to this PARTY... It's TIME to RHYME!!
___FEATURES___ ◆ easy to learn ◆ clever puzzles to keep your brain happy and healthy ◆ colorful graphics ◆ plenty of hints so you never get stuck ◆ 1195 different rhyming puzzles
___REVIEWS___ ◆ "Great word game" -- ◆ "A simple but addictive word game for everyone to try...a fun concept that gets the old gray matter ticking" -- ◆ "simple but very fun" -- Crazy Mike's apps ◆ "a great time filler and very addictive" -- FanAppic
We hope you will love this word game as much as we do. Thanks so much for checking our new Android app.
Best wishes, Jay & Julia
PLEASE NOTE: The Android version does not yet support Achievements and Leaderboards. If you want these features, please consider the Apple iOS version of RhymieStymiePlus.